A handy neverending Clipboard

The Windows clipboard is a really helpful tool in our daily computer tasks, but it can still be improved with tools such as ClipX. View full description


  • Improves clipboard capacity from 1 to 1024
  • Saves elements in lists for later use
  • Can copy both texts and images


  • It would be great to be able to save lists in plain text

Very good

The Windows clipboard is a really helpful tool in our daily computer tasks, but it can still be improved with tools such as ClipX.

This simple program empowers your current Windows clipboard by enabling it to hold up to 1024 items instead of just one. This list not only includes text snippets of all sorts (from website URLs to short paragraphs) but also bitmap images. All the copied elements are saved on a list that can be accessed at any time from the program's icon in the system tray. This means that you can use any element previously copied to the clipboard at any moment, even if you have copied more elements afterwards.

ClipX can be controlled via the program's icon on the system tray and also by means of customizable keyboard shortcuts. I must say I found this little tool so helpful I can't think of any inconvenient. If any, it would be nice to be able to save lists in plain text format. Other than that, ClipX can be considered a must-have for all those who work with the PC on a daily basis.

With ClipX you can easily improve the capacity and functionality of your clipboard, making it even more useful for all your daily computer tasks.

With ClipX you can improve both the storage capacity and functionality of Windows clipboard, which will in turn enable you to copy as many text snippets as you want and keep them saved in a capture history log.

The program sits on the system tray though it can also be run in invisible mode, with a hotkey combination that gives you access to the list of all the elements (text fragments, images) that you've recently copied to the Clipboard.

In this way you'll be able to reuse any of them at any time, even if you've copied more stuff to the clipboard after that. The program features a special tool to look for certain elements in the list. Also, lists can be saved between sessions.




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